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Mr. Karol Kaźmierczak M.Sc. is a senior building science architect with 20 years of façade engineering experience diversified among building enclosure technical design, consulting, construction inspections, and field investigations. Link to his company Building Enclosure Consulting.

Kaz bridges the traditional gaps among the mechanical, structural, and architectural disciplines, and between the design and construction due to his specialized European façade engineering experience, architectural education, and the strong field presence.

He brings an organized, holistic approach to the building enclosure design because his expertise covers many facets of building enclosure design, such as the control of: wind, air, moisture, heat, light, sound, impact, cost, wildlife, fire, smoke, aging, and access.

He designs, engineers, reviews, and investigates high-rises, analyzing failures and damages, monitoring construction in progress, and producing calculations, analyses, and computer simulations, and drafting systemic and interface details.

Kaz contributes to the development and peer reviews of construction documents and shop drawings. He reviews documentation for constructability, compliance with applicable codes and standards, and current level of building science knowledge. He also contributes to the design, by his research of comparable materials and assemblies, engineering simulations and analysis, and production of detail drawing sets and specifications. He follows through the subsequent phases of design and construction, verifying their compliance with the established design goals.

Kaz has been involved with façades of over 400 buildings located on two continents, in various climates. His contributed to many innovative, cutting-edge, high-rise cladding projects, including unusual combinations of materials and systems, double curvatures, smart double skins, intelligent shading, and whole-glazing façades, including such prominent constructions as the expansion of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Fenchurch Tower, and Devon Energy Tower.

He was also involved in major forensic investigations in the southeast region of the U.S, providing assistance in evaluation of property damage. He investigated prominent cases, such as the collapse of the monumental skylight in the Embassy Suites hotel in Hunt Valley, Maryland, and tornado damage to the Georgia Dome, Georgia World Congress Center, and CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is a registered architect in New York and Florida, carries Construction Documentation Technologist (CDT) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-AP) certificates, speaks publicly, and writes articles on the subject of building enclosures. He is also called as an expert witness in forensic disputes and serves .

He was a founding chairman of BEC Miami in years 2007-2012, and sat on the Steering Committee for Florida’s Building Energy Rating System (BERS) in 2011. He no longer belongs to professional organizations such as: AIA, ASHRAE, and CSI.

Below is the introductory video, used as a preface to his seminars:

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Building Enclosures is the name given to the shells of buildings, separating and protecting their interior from the exterior. Often used interchangeably with the term Building Envelope, which is a mechanical term describing the shell separating the interior, controlled environment from the exterior. BEs typically consist of roofs, exterior walls with appurtenances, and below-grade walls and slabs. A specialized discipline of building enclosure consultants emerged to help the average construction professional deal with the increasingly complex sciences of building enclosures. Façade engineering is the name of the profession in rest of the world.

Calendar of public speaking Kaz will be speaking at the following events in 2016:


Seminars Kaz lectures on the subject of building enclosures. Seminars are continually developed and updated as the author remains active in the field and adds new stories or replace the old ones in constant pursuit to better clarify the subject. The lectures are elementary in nature but  intended as a discussion as opposed to a monologue to optimally address the average professional audience.  Read more.

Seminars on DVDs Five seminars (as of January 2016) are available on DVDs on sale at Amazon and at his company's website.

Press Technical articles and papers written by Kaz on subject of building enclosures are available here.

Suggested Reading Lists of books and online resources frequently requested by audience at lectures. Read more.

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Design Services Kaz contributes his experience to peer reviews of construction documents. He reviews documentation for constructability, compliance with applicable codes and standards, and the current level of building science knowledge.  He also produces technical building enclosure design drawings and specifications that become part of architectural construction documentation. Read more.

Construction Services Mr. Kaźmierczak collects data in the field, conducts field observations, performs quality tests, reviews submittals, and monitors construction in progress. Read more.

Forensic Services Kaz also contributes his knowledge and experience to solve disputes among parties of construction process and serves as an expert witness. He assists in evaluation of property damage, construction defects, and failures. He investigates the field conditions, performs engineering simulations, and recommends remediation procedures and materials. Read more.

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Karol works for us as a building enclosure consultant on the Veteran’s Administration Hospital project in New Orleans, LA . It’s a large project, encompassing 8 buildings connected by a central concourse. From the beginning of this assignment, Karol began to re-define our expectations of a building enclosure consultant. He started by delivering presentations on fundamental principles of façade design, described the performance characteristics of the building enclosures, and made suggestions for how these characteristics could be achieved. He helped us in the choice of building enclosure materials and systems to fit our project requirements, researched manufacturers, and sketched solutions to accommodate the desired proportions and alignments of the facades. He accommodated our consultation requests quickly and efficiently, even though he was on a deadline on other projects. His recommendations were well received and soon implemented by our architectural staff, appreciative of the value of his contribution and his unique skills in façade engineering. We look forward to working with him in the future.

Pam Holmes, RA, LEED® AP
Senior Associate

(...) your assistance with our LEED certified project, Claude Pepper Community Center was invaluable in resolving our complex issues related to the sloped windows and storefronts. When it comes to questions about facade engineering, energy conservation, curtain walls and sloped glazing, I would highly recommend your expertise.

I hope more professionals will take advantage of your experience as a building enclosure professional since your understanding of the facade construction market and building codes would provide them an edge on designing a workable assembly.

Matilde E. Reyes, AIA, LEED Accredited Professional
Associate/ Senior Architect
Corzo Castella Carballo Thompson Salman, P.A.