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Designated BE portals


Building Envelopes  -  About facade engineering - great site!

Building Engineering Group  -  University of Waterloo - facade engineering page

CWCT at University of Bath Site - Facade engineering - (paid access only)




Educative stuff


Search in Canadian Publications Database

Building Science Information Resources


Glass and Metal Curtain Wall Systems - What you have always wanted to learn about curtain walls, but you were afraid to ask - basic but nicely illustrated with sketches

How Windows Work ? - Follow links on this page - basic but nicely illustrated with photos

Integrating the Window with the Building Envelope - Very old but still actual

Glazing Design

Material Matters - Contemporary Windows

Assessment of the thermal performance of windows and facade components

Glazing in Fire-Resistant Wall Assemblies

Sound Transmission Through Windows

Introduction to Building Acoustics

Principles of Solar Shading


Use of Sealants

Joint Movement and Sealant Selection

Effects of Insulation on Fire Safety

Moisture Problems in Houses

A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home

Effects of Wood Shrinkage in Buildings


Application of Roof Design Principles

Venting of Flat Roofs

Ice on Roofs

Joints in Conventional Bituminous Roofing Systems

Bituminous Roofing Membranes: Practical Considerations


Cladding Problems Due to Frame Movements

Influence of Orientation on Exterior Cladding

Facts and Fictions of Rain-Screen Walls


Dew Point - Calculation


Moisture and Thermal Considerations in Basement Walls


ALT Cladding and Design -  True Stories





Codes online


New York City Building Code





Trade Institutes and Associations


Brick Industry Associations

Building Science Corporation

Building and Fire Research Laboratory

The Building Technologies Department

Building Systems Laboratory

Building Research Establishment - Free advisory center and paid library

International Council for Building - Some downloadable articles, most services for members only

New Buildings Institute, Inc - Some downloadable educational materials

ERDC Technical Publications  Paid service

Indoor Environment Department Publications  - Library search page /some stuff is downloadable/

The Building Technologies Department

Belgian Building Research Institute - Library /French language/

The Swedish Research Center

Building and Fire Research Laboratory - online publications

Society of Building Science Educators


FSEC Homes & Buildings Publications

Green Building Library




Some articles in newspapers


Enclosure Detailing - Article in "Canadian Architect"

Article about facade engineering - Several pages plus photos

Glass and interactive building envelopes - Memorandum

Pushing the Envelope

Channel Headquarter - Nice curtain wall




Facade Engineering - Books


My Library Books Search Results: Envelope Buildings - Browse and compare book price at 40+ Sites! Construction Inspection Bookstore

Building Construction - What's Been Published - Alphabetically by Author

Construction Technology Books Search Engine

Practical Tips




Architectural Glass - Affiliated Professionals

 Word of architectural glass

International Glazing Database - Llooking for very special glass? - try this.

CONSULTANT DIRECTORY - sealants and coatings





Architectural Light


The Lighting Research Center - Offers a free library






Architectural CADD Web Sources - Very complete

Autodesk Discussion Forum

Architectural CADD Consultants - Need a comparison of different pieces of CAD software?

U.S. Department of Energy - building energy software - Some tools for determination heat loss and energy balance and more...

DOE -Free Building Energy Simulation Program  - Direct download link

Educational PC-Program -For calculating the coupled heat and moisture transfer in building components

More software links -1

 More software links -2




Search Engines, Databases and Libraries


The New York Public Library

PDF Search Engine

Construction Book Database

Infinisource - search engine links

Profusion - search engine links

Complete Planet Search Databases




CAD blocks and samples


CADD Symbol Libraries

AEC Info



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