South Florida  

Have an old field stager do the legwork for you.

Construction Services

Kaz collects data in the field, conducts field observations, performs quality tests, reviews submittals, and monitors construction in progress.

He also helps contractors identify unclear design intent requiring a request for information (RFI) and assist architects in responding to RFIs.

The typical scope:

Bid and submittal reviews, substitution analyses,
RFI development and research
Waterproofing compatibility research
Proactive monitoring of construction in progress,
Witnessing QA and QC tests and verification of procedures,
Air, water, thermal, and structural testing,
Construction dispute resolution,
Commissioning of building enclosures,
Constrcution defect evaluation,
Negotiations with contractors,
Ownership transition (take-over) assessments,
Reserve studies,

In the field, Kaz provides standarized, traceable reporting, and periodically generates list of outstanding items.

However, construction progresses quickly, and nobody benefits from a report filed after the condition has been already concealed.

Therefore, Kaz exercises the proactive approach by informing the respective contractor about the discovered problem and offering assistance in developing mitigation plans.





Torched SBS roofing installation.

Unitized curtain wall installation.